Tuesday, July 19, 2011

From the 1970s

"<-- EXIT"

Space Mountain exit hallway, July 17, 2011


FZ said...

No offense, but can't you just post the pictures and leave off the unfunny, mocking and smarmy post titles?

This is a problem I have with a lot of Disney blogs, they post good info and pics but take away from the magic because they are dead set on mocking it at the same time as they discuss it, I guess to prove how "witty" and "cool" they think they are.

Progressland said...

I'm sorry you don't agree with the way I run my blog. As I don't provide a lot of context for my titles, I think you're reading meaning into them that isn't necessarily there. "From the 1970s" is actually a descriptive title. I was in the exit hallway on Sunday and found a mixture of original signs and similarly done signs from the mid-2000 refurbishment. I thought it quite nice that some of the original signs still existed because I love how simple and effective they are.

Perhaps you can visit my companion blog, Disneyland Nomenclature, to see that I am not dead set on mocking the Disneyland Resort at the same time I discuss it?

P.S. This is the first time anything I have ever done has been described as smarmy.


That sign is indeed from the original "signage package" for the Space Mountain complex. There are still a few dozen signs around the park that date from the period or earlier. A massive sign change took place back in 1982 when most signage was redone to remove the coupon mentions. Again another sign change took place around the parks around the 2005 period when additional safty call outs had to be displayed. I think "FZ" doesn't know, that around these parts.....refer to something as "70's" is an honor!

Eric Scales said...

FZ, you could always go to City Hall and ask for your money back.

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

This Smarmy blog is out of control, so much text and opinion... Oh wait, that's Miceage!

"No Offense but I'm going to offend you"... Nice - not!

I love these old signs, they work and still fit the theme well enough, no need to "plus" them.